• Chasing Excellence is a phenomenal roadmap for success in business and life! Bill and Craig have provided perspective, examples, and direction for business professionals and anyone who is interested in focus, success and excellence. A great read!

    Curt Johnson, Principal, CGJ Advisors
  • The goal of this book is to leave the reader inspired to chase excellence in his or her own life. In this, it succeeds 100%. Anyone looking to perform to the best of their ability can learn a thing or two from this book.

    Rod Santomassimo, Founder and President, the Massimo Group
  • I worked with Craig for many years on a professional level and always respected his high level and performance and professionalism. This book enlightened me about the Craig that I did not know, the Craig who excelled in life as much as he did in his profession. This book is not just a roadmap to professional excellence, it is a testimonial on building a foundation for successful personal achievement in all facets of our lives.

    Stephen Newman Manager of Real Estate and Development Western Region Motorola – Retired